Assistant + Gemini

Roles: UX design – content · Conversation design · Design collaboration

I'm working within the Google Assistant and Gemini team in the areas of content, conversation design, and product design for multimodality across devices and wearables. 

Some of my responsibilities include assisting with fine tuning Gemini responses, creating synthetic data for training, and designing content to deliver customer experiences that are helpful, timely, and relevant using gen AI.

Due to the confidential nature of projects, my work can't be discussed at this time. I'll update this page as projects are released.  

The team

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App Launcher Deprecation


Content design 

Cross-functional collaboration

Google decided to discontinue some Assistant features related to driving mode for messages, calls, and controlling media using a feature called App Launcher. In order to communicate this change to users, I created original messaging to inform users about the upcoming deprecation as well as post-deprecation messaging that informed users about alternatives they could use. 

The key part of this project was that the messaging would show when App Launcher was being used while driving. This meant that the approach chosen would have to be such that the user was not put in danger, and should be able to quickly get the message without needing to pay too much attention. This required the messaging to be extremely simple, short, and to the point. Verbosity had no place here. We communicated what the user needed to know and left it that, because saying more would possibly endanger our users.